Ukerewe Map

Uk Map
©Mr. Kaswa


Ukerewe is a district located in Lake Victoria, Mwanza Region, and north of Tanzania. The district comprises more that thirty Islands. The biggest Island is called Ukerewe. Some of the other islands are Ukara, Bwiro, Kweru, Irugwa, Sizu, Kamasi, Gana, etc., which are permanently inhabited and equipped with necessary facilities like schools and dispensaries.
You are welcome to enjoy the hospitality of the people of Ukerewe, and the island’s culture and nature, greenish vegetation everywhere, being surrounded by the blue glittering waters of the famous Lake Victoria which is the second among the biggest lakes in the world. Discover the island with the natives of Ukerewe.

Learn the history of Ukerewe Island if it is man made or a natural island from the beginning. Learn why the island is named Ukerewe. This is very interesting to hear and learn about.

Get to know how the people of Ukerewe got their informal education. Learn about the administration system of the clan of Wakerewe who speak “Kikerewe” language. The way the chiefs came into power. The way the Kerewe people conducted their marriages.

Learn which the respectful animal to the Kerewe people is.

Ukerewe Island has also wild life animals like monkeys, hippos, lizards, salamanders, birds and fishes.

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